Geography in America's Schools, Libraries and Home

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Geography in America's Schools, Libraries and Homes: provides the first comprehensive bibliography ever compiled of geography books published in the United States from the initial work, issued in 1777, through the beginning of the modern era of book publishing in the early twentieth century–some 1,600 works. The accompanying text reviews numerous aspects of this body of literature, which covers a broad range of physical and human geography topics; regional geographies of the United States and other portions of the world; techniques for teaching geography that range from map drawing and field trips through the use of globes, puzzles, atlases, and adventure novels; and geographies to inform the study of Biblical, ancient, and modern history. While most of these works were intended for the education of students in classrooms, many were written for adults seeking to understand their contemporary world. The review essay reveals that formerly Americans were far more curious about Earth’s physical environment and how humans have come to use and settle upon it than we seem to be in the early twenty-first century. By Donald C. Dahmann (2011)

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